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Shrimp & Pork Wonton OR Pork Wonton

These beautiful wonton are delicately handcrafted right here in Edmonton!  Simply boil in your favourite soup!

Pork & Vegetable Spring Rolls

These big spring rolls are filled with delicious Pork, vegetables & vermicelli. They are also hand made right here in Edmonton! 

Shrimp and vegetable Dumplings

These dumpling have so much flavour! Enjoy some shrimp, vegetables and a refreshing flavour of ginger!

Taco Beef Dumplings

These cute little dumpling are packed with beef and Mexican spices! Makes an amazing appetizer or finger food for sports night!

Gourmet Dim Sum Products

Teriyaki Beef Dumplings

You can't go wrong when you mix beef and teriyaki sauce. Simply delicious!

Vegetable Dumplings

We also offer dumplings filled with vegetables such as shitake mushrooms, ginger, carrots and more! 

Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice

A local favourite. Those who enjoy sticky rice have said that they couldn't find a better sticky rice around town!

Shui Mai

This traditional Cantonese dumpling is stuffed with pork and shitake mushrooms.


This traditional Cantonese Dumpling is filled with shrimp and pork.

Green Onion Cakes

This iconic local food is one that hails its creation from Northern China. A must try if you haven't yet!

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed salad, or Goma wakame in Japanese, is made with undaria pinnatifida, an edible seaweed used widely in Japanese cuisine.

Bao Buns  (BBQ pork or BBQ chicken)

A traditional Northern China Recipe. Bao is a complete meal conveniently packed away in a white, warm, soft bun!