Catch of the Week!

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Colossal Black Tiger Prawns

These uncooked giant black tiger prawns are fully peeled and deveined and ready for the grill. They are a big bite, ideal for brochettes.

Giant Digby Scallops (10/20)

Coming to you directly from the east coast, these world renowned scallops are blessed with a marvelous taste and aroma.

Louisiana Cooked Shrimp

Fully cooked, they are perfect for a shrimp cocktail treat or a stylish appetizer. Once you taste them, you will be blown away by their superior quality.

Alaskan King Crab

These large pieces of white meat, brilliantly edged in red are prized for their delicate flavor, tender texture and ease of preparation.

PEI Black Mussels

Coming directly from Prince-Edward-Island, these black mussels come whole in their shell and are flash frozen to retain all the juicy freshness until ready to use.

Coquille St. Jacques

A symphony of seafood in a creamy wine sauce, crowned by mashed potatoes and cheese and served in a shell.

Rock Lobster Tails

Sweet Rock Lobster tails. For a special occasion or a dinner party, these will be a smashing hit.

Colossal Dry Digby Scallops 

They grill so well in brochettes on the BBQ! These Dry Scallops come in the colossal size (U10), perfect for the big appetite

Delicious Seafood

All of our Seafood comes from accross the world. We thrive on bringing exotic choices right to your plate!

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

These bite size scallops are the perfect appetizer. Already prepared for you, ready to broil, your family will ask for them again and again.

Breaded Calamari Rings

These calamari rings are lightly breaded and prebrowned, all you need to do is heat them in the oven.

Natural Crab Cakes

You will be so pleased with the taste of these fantastic crab cakes! Light, fluffy and overflowing with real crab meat, they are good as appetizers, as part of a seafood platter or as a light meal. 

Monster rock lobster Meat

These monster lobster tails are aprox. 16oz+ in size! They have no shell and have a delicous sweet taste!

Nordique Island Seafood Sauce

 Big chunks of lobster meat, scallops, shrimps and pollock in a creamy white wine sauce. Serve it on pastas or rice, put it on a  steak or chicken breast for a steak or chicken Neptune. 

Wild Scampi Tail

A close relative to shrimp and lobster, these scampi tail taste sweet like lobster but looks like a shrimp! Delicious!