Catch of the Week!

Your Best Source for Unique Fish, Seafood, Meat & More


At Catch of the Week!, we provide the very best in fish and seafood. All of our fish are line caught and are chemical free. We provide different types of products.

Fresh Fish

Depending on the season, we fly in fresh fish to offer our fellow Albertan exceptional taste and optimum quality. We carry Organic King Salmon, Wild BC Halibut, Wild Arctic Charr and much more!

Delicious Seafood

We go through great length to bring to your table exceptional quality seafood. Exotic choices from all over the world; We have a wide variety of seafood including Louisiana Shrimp, Alaskan King Crab Legs, Scampi Tails, Monster Lobster Tails, Scallops and much more!

Healthy Fish

All of our fish are flash frozen on the boat to keep its natural juices and flavours. It is actually difficult to tell the difference between Catch of the Week! Fresh Fish and Flash Frozen Fish because of its storing methods. We carry different types of fish caught across the world including our local Pickerel, New Zealand Orange Roughy, Atlantic Cod & Haddock, Sockeye Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass and much more!

Store front Specialities

At the Catch of the Week! store front, we offer all our amazing selection offered at the Farmer's Market and so much more! We have an even wider variety of fish and seafood including delicious steaks, poultry and desserts! 

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