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Wether for celebrating an anniversary or wedding, Christmas, Mother's Day or accompaniment for any occasions, black river caviar is the best value to highlight the occasion.

Specific sturgeon species produce caviars distinct in quality, intensity and flavor. Premium species (Beluga or Russian Oscietra) are more rare and complex. They are also more costly in part because the fish take longer to produce caviar than common commercial species like Chinese Kaluga.




From the waters to your spoon, black river caviar is harvested from premium Russian oscietra, a highly prized Caspian Sea species that takes at least eight years to produce eggs. Source from pure, clean, fresh, free-flowing water, with a high quality diet it is prepared with minimum salt.

Grey-brown eggs with a light sea breeze flavor accented by savory notes and a distinct creaminess.

2.95mm to 3.05mm eggs

Light-brown to caramel colored eggs with a subtle, saline-infused richness and nutty, delicate character.

3.05mm to 3.2mm eggs

Darker brown to black colored eggs with distinctly nutty flavors complimented by a lively, saline lift.

2.95mm eggs, or smaller.

Caviar Fine Dishes

They say to never serve caviar with a metal spoon. Caviar may oxidize when it's exposed to metals like silver, so the caviar could lose its flavor and pick up the metallic flavor instead. 

We have some fine caviar dishes made from Mother of Pearl which you can have a look at!

Pairing Caviar

Keep pairings simple. Dry white wine, champagne, vodka or tequila. Overly strong drinks will overpower caviar's delicate taste.