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Large Gourmet Cooked Shrimp

Delicious black tiger prawns from Louisiana fully cooked and ready to eat. Serve it cold on ice with cocktail sauce or warm it up for 1 minute with butter.

Nordic Salad Shrimp

These small Canadian salad shrimp at perfect for salad, sandwiches, pastas and much more!

Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns

Raw Tiger Prawns from Louisiana, ready to be cooked in any dish you wish.

Let us guide you through our vast selection of fresh seafood. We offer an exciting range of organic and sustainable products. At our stores, our specially trained fishmongers will be able to help you with your responsible choices and recommend the product that will best meet your needs.

Colossal Argentina Wild Pink Shrimp Ezee Peel

From Argentina Peru, these pink shrimp are raw. Once cooked, they taste sweet like lobster or scampi.

Fresh Seafood Market

Lobster Meat

We have plenty of Nova Scotia Lobster Meat available to get by weight. Perfect for cooking!

Large Sashimi Grade Scallops

From Argentina Peru, these scallops can be eaten raw and are very sweet in taste and delicate in texture.

Colossal Atlantic Scallops

From Digby Nova Scotia. These delicious scallops are meaty and don't loose their shape and texture while cooking.

Fully Cooked Lobster

We have plenty of Nova Scotia Lobsters available live or fully cooked!