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Wild Atlantic Cod

These wild Atlantic cod portions are the tenderloin cut from the thickest part of the fillet. Their firm flesh makes them perfect to bake in the oven.

Natural Basa Fillet

The basa is a fresh water catfish from Asia. It is very tasty and its flaky texture and nice white flesh makes it ideal for families who want to introduce fish in their weekly diet.

Wild Pickerel Fillets

With their tender, flaky white flesh, these large fillets are low in fat and full of delicate flavor.

Imperial Cod Portions

These mild cod loins, crusted with a potato mix and cheese, are always a success even with the pickiest! They get crispy on the outside and tender in the center.

Wild Pacific Red Snapper

The red snapper is a low fat fish with a firm white flesh. Its mild taste is a hit with the whole family.

Lake Perch Fillets

The perch white flesh has an excellent flavor with a sweet taste and firm crumbly texture. It has a flavor that is mostly resembles to that of the walleye.

Applewood Smoked Orange & Ginger Salmon on Cedar Plank

This all-in-one meal is ready to go on the BBQ or oven!

Wild Canadian Sole Fillets

With its mild, flaky flesh, the sole is always a favorite. These beautiful fillets are so delicate and tasty, they melt in your mouth.

Flash Frozen Fish

All our fish are flash frozen on the boat to keep their natural juices and tenderness.

They are also wild caught and chemical free.

Orange Roughy Fillet

These beautiful white fillets are so good. Delicate and mild, it is the ideal fish to introduce to those who never had fish before.

Wild Tuna Steak

On a hot summer day, nothing is better on the grill than tuna accompanied by a nice garden salad.

Wild Atlantic Haddock

The loin is cut in the shoulder part of the fish, where the flesh is thickest, meatiest and flakiest.

Wild Mahi Mahi Portions

Mahi mahi is an exceptionally versatile fish, having firm, white meat and delicate flavor.

Chem. Free Tilapia Fillets

Very low in fat and mild in flavor, it is popular with people who are not fond of strong fishy taste. A very good value!

Wild Arctic Charr

A proud member of the salmon family, it displays the same red flesh, but is much lower in fat and tastes a lot milder. It has a nice firm texture which makes it the perfect candidate for the grill or the oven.

Chilean Seabass Steak

These white meat steaks are very mild with a pleasantly firm texture.

Wild Red Tuna Sashimi

With its dark red and firm meat, the red tuna offers a surpassingly rich taste. It is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Salmon Caviar

The most glamorous of all seafood! Its bright red color will make it the jewel of your table.

Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Those thin slices of perfectly smoked salmon are ready for your appetizer creations. Serve it on crackers, flat bread or as a garnish for pizza.

Wild Sword Fish Steak

This low fat, low calories choice offers all the benefits of a healthy meal with a mild, delicate flavour.

Wild Pacific Salmon

While carrying all the nutritional value of the other members of the salmon family, this one is particularly high in vitamins A and D as well as antioxidants. 

Prepared Fish

Have a look at our array of deliciously prepare fish.

Salted Cod Accra (Fritters)

Cod Fritters are served as an appetizer, snack or even breakfast!

Coconut Crusted Imperial Tilapia

A very flavorful crust with coconut, mango, bell peppers and papaya. 

Tortilla Crusted Imperial Tilapia

This is the perfect item to make fish tacos with. This fish has a tortilla crust with chili and lime seasonings.

Imperial Cod Portions

These mild cod loins, crusted with a potato mix and cheese, are always a success even with the pickiest! They get crispy on the outside and tender in the center.

Golden Halibut Burgers

Beautiful Alaskan Halibut breaded in a delicious crispy coating.

Halibut Spinach & Feta Burger

A very light tasting burger. Perfect with cheese and coleslaw topping on your burger.

Golden Halibut Bites

Nice meaty pieces of halibut gently tossed in our old English batter recipe. Perfect for the kids!

Wild Pacific Salmon Burger

Must-try salmon burger! Choose From:

- Lemon & Dill 

- Tex-Mex

- Mild Italian

Wild Pacific Salmon Sausage

Must-try salmon sausage! Choose From:

- Lemon & Dill

- Tex-Mex

- Mild Italian

- And More!

Old English Battered Cod

A timeless favourite. Once baked, expect a crispy outside and a soft delicate inside.