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Over 25 Varieties of Oysters!

Looking for the best oysters for your next tasting?

Catch of the Week! offers the largest selection of oysters in the Edmonton area. Discover over 25 varieties through our many exclusive oyster boxes or get expert advise from our fishmongers to make your own selection. Plus, our experts will carefully check each oyster to ensure its quality.

Check some of our varieties below!

Don't Forget Our Exclusive Oyster Tasting Boxes!

Oh Là Là! Oysters (18pcs)

Flavour: Firm, plump with a hazelnut finish

Trio Tasting Box (18pcs)

Flavour 1: Apple & Pear Finish

Flavour 2: Citrus Lemon

Flavour 3: Oceany or Seaweed Aroma