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All Items listed below are in-house made at our provincially inspected processing plant located in North West Edmonton. 

Having quality cooked meals for the family can sometimes be difficult to attain due to a busy life schedule. Let Aunt Edna's Gourmet Finger Food and Quality Goods be your solution to excellent dinning right at home!

Introducing Aunt Edna's Gourmet Finger Food

Boneless Dry Garlic Ribs

Our most Famous recipe is yours to enjoy at home. Its garlicky taste will make you want even more! Perfect for quick meal or sports night!

Chicken Fingers

Made from free range chicken breasts, these chicken fingers will make any meal a good one with it's crispy coating; perfect with any sauce!

Ginger Beef (with Sauce)

Made from 100% Sirloin Steak; enjoy our restaurant style ginger beef right at home! Our in house ginger sauce is excellent on vegetables and rice too!

Bison Blend Burgers

These patties are amazing for cooking on the BBQ or on a mini grill.

Chicken Cordon Bleu 6oz

This is perfect along with a salad, rice or pastas. This chicken breast is stuffed with mozzarella cheese and smoked ham.

Chicken Marco Polo 6oz

If you love "broccoli & cheese" this will be your next favourite meal! 

Chicken Kiev 6oz

Make yourself super classy with chicken stuffed with butter & chives! Prefect combination with pasta alfredo. 

Bone-In Dry Garlic Ribs

These mini spare ribs are marinated to perfection then deep fried "Asian style" with salt & pepper sprinkled on top!

Crispy Chicken Wings

Marinated from the inside, these crispy wings are packed with flavour.

Choose from: Plain, Salt & Pepper, Louisiana Hot, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Super easy to bake and ready within minutes. These spring rolls are great as snacks or along a home cooked meal!

Naked Chicken Wings

These wings have been marinated to pack a punch of flavour. 

Choose from: Plain, Salt & Pepper, Louisiana Hot, Lemon Pepper, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki.

Bacon Chicken Burger

The best chicken burgers in town are loaded with bacon bits!

100% Steak Bites

Save yourself time and energy by having your beef already cubed up for your favourite dish!

Homestyle Steak Patties

Made from 100% steak trim, these burgers are mighty fine for numerous dishes including your own homestyle beef burger!

Beef Souvlaki

These Kabobs are essential when you need a little extra to go along your dish. excellent on the BBQ, in tacos or even with pastas!

Mozzarella Cheese Balls

These cheese balls have the perfect crunch to them with delicious strands of melted mozzarella cheese for you to catch afterwards. The perfect snack! 

Breaded Mushroom

Garden Fresh Mushrooms which a cut and breaded to perfection! Excellent with a light dill sauce, tzatziki sauce or even a chipotle mayo dip!

Coconut Breaded Shrimp

These super sweet shrimp are pre-fried and ready to go in the oven! once cooked, enjoy them dipped in sweet chilli sauce!

Extra Lean Ground Beef

This ground beef is made from 100% sirloin steak trim only to give you better flavour and texture to any meal you make.

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Alberta Beef AAA+

Ribeye Steaks 10oz.

Renown for its beautiful marbling, this thick cut ribeye steak is guaranteed to impress!

Wetsern Style Marinated Sirloin Steak 6oz.

These steak are the most tender sirloin you will ever eat. It's delicious marinated flavor makes cooking an ease! 

Free Range Chicken

Chicken Euro 6oz

Enjoy the delicious taste of mushroom and melted smoked Gouda cheese in a tender chicken breast. 

Chicken Kabob

Enjoy various flavours of chicken kabobs to compliment your meal.

Choose from: Honey Garlic, Souvlaki Spice, Lemon & Herbs.

Free Range Pork

BBQ Pork Ribbling

A BBQ Steakhouse favourite. Enjoy a classic restaurant recipe right at home! Ready in minutes.

Free Range Chicken Breasts

These free run grain fed chickens have more protein than your average grocery bought products.

Boneless Pork Chop

These Pork Chops are amazingly tender and goes well with multiple dishes.

Pork Kabobs

These 4 oz kabobs are marinated with either Honey Garlic or Souvlaki spices.

Fish & Seafood

Battered Cod Portions

These battered cod have a crispy batter with a soft inside. Kids favourite!

Battered Boston Blue Fish

This light tasting fish is an excellent crowd pleaser and cooks within minutes!

Atlantic Cod Loin

This amazing fish is a staple item for the kitchen. It is light tasting and can be cooked under 12 minutes!

Sashimi Grade Atlantic Salmon

This organic salmon has premium taste found no where else!

Snacks & Appetizers

Sashimi Grade Wild Pink Shrimp Meat (Raw)

These shrimp taste sweet like a lobster or scmapi.

Deluxe Stuffed Potatoes

These potatoes are a perfect match for any dish!

Choose from: bacon & Cheese, Lobster, Ham & Cheese

Snack Pack Special

This combo is great for sport night or even for entertaining!

Comes With: Mozza Cheese balls, Boneless Dry Ribs, 18pcs Veggie Spring Rolls & Chicken Fingers

Manhattan NY Steak 8oz.

This thick cut New York Steak is over 1.5 inch thick! Absolutely amazing for those who enjoy steak medium rare, rare or even blue.