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Full line of fresh and flash frozen fish & seafood

French Cut Pork Chop 10oz.

These French Cut Pork Chops are massive! Lots of meat with a French twist. It makes a wonderful centrepiece to any meal and can make amazing casserole dishes too! Raised completely stress free and free range, you will absolutely taste a different in texture and in quality!

Rack of Pork French Peel


This beautiful roast is excellent for any impressive meal including Easter coming up! Stress Free & Free Range pork makes this roast one to die for. Giving you lots of cooking options and always a delightful outcome.

Free Range Boneless Chicken Breasts 5oz.

Absolute delight to eat. The flock of chickens live outdoors and are grain fed. Because they are free range they have a higher protein level than your grocery bought chicken and has NO WATER. Which mean less cooking time!

Prime Rib Pork Steak 7oz.

This free range pork steak is so tender and juicy. Before being processed, the sounder of swine lives a stress free life with the same group. This method provide a healthier life for the swine and in turn we are able to have exceptional quality pork product.

Farmer's Free Range Products

Shrimp & Pork Wonton

Beautiful hand made Wonton filled with shrimp and pork. These little wonton can be great deep fried or added in your favourite chicken broth soup!.

Pork & Veg. Spring Rolls

Made from an authentic oriental recipe, these spring rolls are filled with pork and vegetables. They are sure to please the most demanding amateur of oriental cuisine.

Limited Edition Seafood Lasagna

This seafood lasagna is packed with chunks of Crab meat, Shrimp and Scallops; beautifully marinated with a white wine Alfredo sauce and garnished with mushrooms, onions, and spices. This lasagna will sure to make an impression during your supper!

Limited Edition Salmon Wellington

Tender pacific salmon nestled in a beautiful puff pastry accompanied by mashed potatoes, white wine sauce, a sheet of spinach and onions topped with herbs. A true delight!

In Store Special!

- When your purchase is over $50 or more, get a FRESH portion of Atlantic Salmon Completely FREE*.

(Value $12.00)

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